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Module 1: Make it Irresistible

Tuesday, 5th September 2023 @ 3.30pm UK time / 10.30am EST. Replay available.

It’s common sense: If you want to scale your income and impact via group programmes, making them irresistible to your ideal clients is key. 

And that’s what we will focus on during the first part of the Impact Many Masterclass. 

But beware: this session will go a lot deeper than how to make your sales pages pretty and how to use your language to persuade your ideal clients to buy. 

Instead, you will discover the power of energetic conception – that period of time before you even introduce (or re-introduce) your group programme to the world. 

It’s during this energetic conception when your future results are determined, such as: 

  • How easy – or not so easy you will find attracting ideal clients to your group programme;
  • The quality of clients stepping into your programmes;
  • What level of results your clients will achieve inside your programme; 
  • And much more. 

I will take you through the exact energetic process I use during the conception period of my group programmes – the process that will predetermine your success and create the most transformative experience for your clients.

You will gain a deep understanding of how energy behaves during this process – and how to mould it for the highest purpose of your clients, and your business. 

In short, you will make your group programme irresistible to you and your ideal clients, and ready to scale your impact.


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