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Module 2: Make it Matter

Wednesday, 6th September 2023 @ 3.30pm UK time / 10.30am EST.

Scaling your impact through powerful group programmes requires your focus and staying power. First, you’ve got to create it. Then you’ve got to successfully sell it (out!). Then you’ve got to deliver it.

Of course, you want your efforts put into this process to truly matter. 

And that’s what the second day of Impact Many will focus on – the strategy and energy that will support you to: 

  • Ensure amazing success with your group programmes – from conception all the way through to delivery;
  • Hold the energy for your groups powerfully so your clients can experience the most profound transformations; 
  • Turn your clients into your passionate brand ambassadors, shouting about the power of your group programmes from the rooftops;
  • Make the process of creating, selling and delivering group programmes graceful, stress free, and rewarding in all ways. 



Ask in the client support group.