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Module 3: Make it Limitless

Thursday, 7th September 2023 @ 3.30pm UK time / 10.30am EST. 

I’m sure you’re not into the idea of ‘one off success’. Instead, you’ll want to make your group programme part of your business ecosystem, so you can continually grow your impact and profits for years to come. 

This bonus session will focus on the energetics and strategies behind scaling your group programmes and your business with it.

I will also take you through an energetic assessment, where you will recognise what aspects of your energy are supporting your success, and what aspect of your energy you’ll want to address, so you can create lasting, ever growing, limitless success with your group programmes, and your other entrepreneurial activities. 

You will get answers to: 

  • How can I attract more ideal clients to my group programmes – again and again? 
  • How can I break through my current ceilings and open myself to a lot more? 
  • How can I create my next level of success and thrive? 



Ask in the client support group.