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The Miraculum Curriculum will take you deep into your Energetic Self, and help you develop the energetic mastery of yourself, your business, and your life with it. Throughout this process, you will embody more and more of your Full Self and open yourself up to more ease, abundance, creativity, fun and pleasure.

There are 8 core modules inside the Miraculum Curriculum – and they have been masterfully designed for one single purpose: To release the limitless, thriving success that wants to be lived through you.

During the first round of Miraculum, I will be delivering these modules live. They will consist of 2-4 group session videos along with playbooks that will support you with the integration of your ever-expanding energy into all aspects of your business and life.

Within your Miraculum Year, there will be sufficient time to expand your mind with new learnings, integration, ‘being human’, holidays and breaks. I’m saying this so you won’t put pressure on yourself to ‘sprint’ through the modules in order to benefit. That wouldn’t be healthy, or good for you in any way.

What I will encourage you to do however is allow yourself to swim in the energy of these teachings and coaching calls on a regular basis, no matter what pace you choose for yourself.

And of course, please do watch the Orientation Session which will give you a good understanding of how your Miraculum Year will unfold.

You can also have a read about what is waiting for you inside the Miraculum Curriculum.

In the meantime, have a read on about what is waiting for you inside the Miraculum Curriculum.

I am so looking forward to supporting you to soar.

With love,


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