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Module 1: Archetypal Business Expansion

In this module, you will discover how the 8 energetic archetypes profoundly impact every aspect of your business and life – from your leadership style, decision making, strategic thinking, marketing and selling, through to the quality of your professional and personal relationships. Some of these archetypes have been lying dormant within you – and you will be awakening them because they hold all the answers for your next level of thriving success. Some of these archetypes have been causing havoc, stress and have slowed you down in your business and life – and you’ll be working with them to transmute this energy into the fuel of your progress.

Through methodological work with your energetic archetypes, you will start creating a greater balance between your feminine and masculine energies to your advantage; profoundly shifting the sense of who you are, and how you go about things, in your business and life; opening yourself up to more ease and flow, when it comes to taking your professional and personal success to a whole new level.

This module will help you to answer questions such as:

  • What exactly has been slowing me down in my growth unnecessarily, and how can I address it?
  • How can I let go of unnecessary pressure and drama when creating my next level of success?
  • How can I bring more ease and flow into my business?
  • How can I balance my professional success with personal fulfilment a lot more?



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