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Module 8: Limitless Success Em-body-ment

In the final, integration Miraculum Module, you will be guided to use the infinite intelligence of your Body, and let it help you to embody – aka become – your Full Self.

You’ll dial up the power of your pure sexual energy – the most potent creative and healing energy of all. Through that, you’ll go through an even deeper transformational process which will allow you to:

  • Become fully present in your body, and stand in your full power;
  • Fully release the power of your Divine Feminine energy within – the source of your infinite wealth and pleasure;
  • Use the infinite intelligence of your body to super-charge your vision and intentions with attractive power so you don’t need to chase your goals, but effortlessly attract them;
  • Increase your charisma and magnetic power many-fold making it a lot easier to attract soul-aligned clients and meaningful professional and personal relationships into your experience;
  • Fully embody the extraordinary expansion experienced inside Miraculum, ready to step into the rest of your career and life as the most powerful leader, thinker, creator.


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